Callaghan-Friel Families…Lifelong Friends of Casey Clan

Post written by: Lisa

Hello. My family and I are saddened to hear of the loss of Jim, son of Jim & Mary Casey. Please accept our sincere condolences.  I grew up knowing them all as friends of my grandparents Francis (Reds/Frank) & Emma Callaghan.  I think Pop-Pop & Mr. Casey knew each other in the Navy, both were from Ireland. They built the newer “efficiency units” together. Some of the best summers & times of my life were spent at Casey’s Magic Rest on Juniper St. in Wildwood. We got to see Mary & Jim out here in AZ in the early 90′s. Before that my grandparents attended Johnny’s flight school graduation out here in AZ. 1995 was the last time we saw Jim, Mary & son Jim. I wanted them to meet Kelly our newest addition. I think it was also the ocassion of Jim & Mary’s 50th wedding anniversary, she was on her way to get her hair done but got to see our new Kelly Shea & Tommy again. I think I have a picture of Mr. Casey, Jim, myself & kids under the sign. If I find it I’ll post it. Please give our best regards to Mr. Casey as well as our deepest sympathy on the loss of his fine, brave son Jim.  A nicer guy you’ll never meet from a great Irish family.

Love & Best Regards to all of the Casey Clan,

Lisa Friel Jasper ((Callaghan’s oldest grandaughter)

Peoria, AZ.

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  1. MattCasey Says:

    Thank you Lisa… Sorry it took so long to publish this post… It was stuk in the spam filter. Let me know if you find pic…


  2. bheagy Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your condolences to our family. Even though it has been over six months, I think it is still difficult to believe and accept. In fact, Dad is 96 now and is really in poor health. He did say losing his son was the most tragic event in his life. Dad had been a paratrooper in the Army in World War II and had been wounded. He’s also suffered with a ringing in his ear ever since the war. He recently spoke fondly of your grandfather Frank. I remember him and your grandmother well. Frank Callaghan helped Dad in expanding the Magic Rest. I know too my first husband Tommy (deceased since 1986) thought highly of Frank too. Your grandfather taught us the best recipe for making beef stew – by adding some red wine in it. It makes all the difference. Lisa, thank you for writing and may God bless you and your family with health and happiness.

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