Jimmy’s baby sitter in the 50′s

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I am Mary Casey from Arden Street and my Uncle Tom Casey, my father’s brother was married to Jimmy Casey’s sister Ellie. I babysat for Barbara, Eileen and Jimmy.  Practically every weekend I watched them.

This was for years, I started when I wad 11 years old and on occasion I would take my younger brother, Donald with me.  New Year’s Eve etc.

I really didn’t know the younger two children.

May Jimmy rest in peace.


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  1. bheagy Says:

    Hi Sis, (that’s the name I remember you by)

    I believe you meant to say Barbara, Maureen, and Jimmy that you used to babysit. Eileen is the 4th and Johnny the 5th child of Mom and Dad. I hope you and your family are well. I still wake up each morning, say a prayer for my brother Jimmy’s soul, and shed a few tears. It’s such a difficult cross to bear. He was loved by so many! Thanks for your prayers! Barbara

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