Fondest Memories of Jim

Post written by: dick daniels

Though my wife Caye and I only knew Jim for about 10 years we feel like we grew together since childhood. He had a knack of sharing his life with you in such a way you think you knew him all along.  We were neighbors in Destin, Fl  and I “camped” with him in Daleville. Al–I too worked the flight training contract at Ft. Rucker and got to know him professionaly and socialy{see blog by Donna Overstreet) almost on a daily basis.

Through Jim we were able to meet more of his friends and have great times together–mainly at parties at Jim’s house. Our experiences with him reflect on his impeccable manners, social graces, genuine congeniality,and above all his selfless devotion to the welfare and needs of others.  He always was there to help someone else.

His parenting skills and devotion are best reflected by the actionsof Jim, Matt, Dillon, and others in the lineage.  It seems the tradition of honor, service, and personal integrity continues.

There is an old adage that says a friend in need is a friend indeed.  He did so many things for Caye and I.  There is no way we could have ever repayed him.

You will be sorely missed my friend.  We wish you fair winds and following seas–always.

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  1. MattCasey Says:

    Thanks Dick… Do you have the link to Donna Overstreet’s blog?

  2. dick daniels Says:

    Hi Mattt, Sorry but I not have Donna’s e-mail link. Her phone is 334 598 4695. Her blog is on the comments page on Jim. Maybe one of you IT savvy guys can retrieve it that way.

    If there is anything that Caye or I can do please do not hesitate to ask. Our sincere condolences and best wishes to the entire Casey clan.

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