Post written by: Maureen

Just found this poem Lenny wrote about my brother Jimmy


So, you’re looking for something brand new, we’ll think you found the spot

We’ve got everything you need, on the “good-friend parking lot”

Everything from ‘dependable’ — to ‘eye-candy’ can be fun

But let’s start with the best, oh, yes,  Jim Dandy is the one!

Manufactured in New Jersey,  where he learned to laugh and play

Before he went to college (out west),  somewhere in Santa Fe

When the Army needed volunteers,  he was there to keep the pace

Twenty some years later,  he’s still serving just in Case

I found him in Savannah, the best boss I ever had

He’s a family man, every chance he can, he’ll drive home and help his Dad

As a father, he’s seen everything (over almost 30 years)

His boys sure can depend upon the man who really cares

He’s a loyal friend, right to the end (“Come on in, the beer’s real cold”)

He’s finally moved to Destin, where he never will grow old

Now this one is a teacher, but he can be a student, too

Take him for a spin,  take a look within,  he will be right there for you.

He ain’t gonna clunk or stall,  he’s no maintenance,  you see

He’s proof  that the best things in life you still can get for free

So,  if you want to talk or jog or boat or laugh or fly

You came to the right place,   and you don’t even have to buy

You can take him to the beach (and he don’t mind if you get sandy)

Just keep this one in reach,  because he sure is a Jim Dandy!

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