what do we do now?

Post written by: lenny

jim casey was one in a million.
he loved to fish,
but he loved it even more when someone else would catch the biggest fish
– because jim was all about sharing your moment.
jim casey always sent hand-written “thank you” notes after an event or a visit.
jim casey always had a gift or a treat for the kids.
jim casey always made sure that everyone was comfortable, happy and taken care of.
jim casey always had a positive, passionate attitude — even when the going got rough.
jim casey always did everything the right way.
jim casey was the most generous person that you’ll ever meet.
jim casey was the best boss i ever had.
jim casey was the best friend i ever had.
what do we do now???
who is going to fish with us, the way that jim did?
who is going to write the thank-you notes?
who is going to make the kids smile?
who is going to take care of everything and help everyone?
who is going to be positive, in the face of challenge?
who is going to be our best boss?
who is going to be our best friend?
maybe we can fish, like jim.
maybe we can take the time for heartfelt thank-you’s.
maybe we can listen to the kids’ stories.
maybe we can help, around the house.
maybe we can put our best foot forward.
maybe we can be the best employee.
maybe we can be the best of friends.
i miss my brother, and (in my future), i’d like to be more like jim.
-the beginning.

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